Our Vision

We are young and still a small company, but we dream big. We commit …

To build a smart world.

Company Profile

Dadax is a software solution company focusing on web technologies and applications across industries. We are at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of customers’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and intelligence.

As Dadax we have deep domain expertise with unmatched experience in different industries, we know how to choose right technologies and tools to solve problems and make better systems.

As Dadax we create smart software and we share great products, to best optimize the industries we serve. We are committed to helping every customer run business better.

Together with partners all over the world, we are providing products, solutions and services for Machine Vision Application, Nondestructive Testing, IoT Application, Business Operation and Intelligent Contents Authoring & Publishing etc.

Dadax, [‘dɑ:dɑ:ks], was founded in 2016 at Lin’gang, the most southeastern of Shanghai.

TypePrivately Held
HeadquartersPudong, Shanghai
IndustryInformation Technology & Services
SpecialtiesNDT App,
IoT App,
MV App etc.
Company size< 20 employees ( in 2022 )

Our Technologies

Solving tomorrow‘s engineering challenges is the goal where we start the Dadax company…

Utilizing the power of Web Technologies, Dadax is passionate about digital-native contents authoring and Web App developing. As the builder of TyrobookTM – an open knowledge platform designed for human beings and machines, we create and share knowledge.

IoT – dadaxNet

Dadax IoT is an open IoT portfolio from device to edge to cloud, including standard gateways, IoT platform dadaxNet, and easy-to-use solution-ready application packages inside dadaxNet.

AI – dadaxSee dadaxBee

Deep diving into Artificial Intelligence, Dadax AI let machine can see, read, hear, think and talk to others easily. By starting solving small problems and make simple applications, we’re making AI more and more real.

Our Business

Together with partners all over the world, we are providing better solutions and turnkey systems for customers. We create, we build, we share…

Software Solution

Dadax is a software innovator, and we create smart software. We are at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of customers’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and intelligence.

Integration & Turnkey

Dadax is a total-solution provider by utilizing the cutting-edge technologies always together with partners. We are engaging in delivery cost-effective turnkey system to best optimize the industries we serve, and make better systems.

Technical Communication

Dadax is a developer for digital-native contents authoring tools and platforming. But more than just the owner of Tyrobook, we also provide customers technical communication consulting and online publishing service etc.

News & Events

New Year Message 2021

In the year of 2021, we will go all out to help our customers run better and provide customized software solutions. At the same time, we will launch tyrobook.com, a “digital-native” content creation platform designed for human beings and machines, for sharing of system knowledge, especially knowledge in the STEM…

Relocation Notice: Dadax is now at the west lakefront of Dishui Lake

[ Shanghai, May 4, 2020 ] Dadax Software is moved to the new office at Nanhui New Town from May 6, 2020. The registration information and other contact information remain unchanged. The new office address is as follows: Room 306, No.87, Nanhui New Town,Pudong New District, 201306, Shanghai, P.R.China

The Declaration of COVID-19 Data Collection and Republishing

Recently, We get many calls and emails about Worldometer regarding to COVID-19 live data. Actually, www.worldometers.info is not an affiliated product of Dadax Software. And Dadax Software did not collect or republish any COVID-19 data so far.

Dadax Software and Daxi Software are merged

[ Shanghai, January 9, 2019 ] We are pleased to announce that Dadax Software (CN USCC: 91310115MA1H7FCA12) and Daxi Software(CN USCC: 91310115MA1H84NEXX) are now operating as one from today. The merger will create a large practice team of experienced staff who are dedicated to serving the needs of emerging IoT…

More About Dadax

The integrity and innovation are the DNA that drive our business.

We are engineers, visionaries, explorers and achievers.
Find out what makes working at Dadax unique.

We leverage our industry knowledge and leadership in technology, solution development and integration to align our partners’ innovations with customers’ specific business needs.

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