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Concentrated Industry Structure, Heavy Assets and Economies of Scale 

Looked at overall, chemical industry appears fragmented, but two decades of portfolio restructuring have created a highly concentrated industry structure in many segments. That has put those chemical companies in a strong bargaining position relative to customers and suppliers. And the chemical industry has increased its productivity most over time.

But this golden era may be coming to an end. The slowdown in financial performance reflects important changes in the chemical industry’s fundamentals. The industry is finding it increasingly difficult to hold onto the benefits of its productivity-improvement efforts. Paradoxically, this is happening just when advanced analytics and digital approaches are creating a new wave of opportunities to accelerate productivity gains. Why is the industry having these difficulties? There are signs that one of the cornerstones of the industry’s performance—its concentrated industry structure—may be weakening.

Drive the Chemical Industry Decentralized for Flexible Processing, Light-weight & Productive with Dadax IoT Solutions

The dadaxNet IoT platform and dadaxBox Smart Terminals provides robust connectivity and processing that fuels massive data analysis and application, which can be turned into actionable intelligence to enhance efficiency, productivity and safety while reducing costs and overcapacity.

Real-time Asset Tracking, Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance

Enable real-time remote diagnostics, troubleshooting and asset tracking across the entire process. Plan corrective maintenance and procurement of spare parts to prevent asset downtime and stay ahead of expensive production losses.

Predictive Quality & Outcome Trend

Leverage the power of statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms on parameters that govern product quality. Predict future outcomes and trends.

Energy and Utilities Monitoring

Monitor and analyze energy and any other utilities consumed by your critical processes. Establish future standards for these process using actual consumption data.

Worker Safety Wearables & Health Monitoring

Track workers’ health and environment in real-time such as temperature, humidity, radiation, noise and gas levels. Notify managers of fatigue, exhaustion, and “out-of-tolerance” incidents and ensure managers receive timely warnings of potential hazards.

Indoor Airflow & Ventilation-on-Demand (VoD)

Continuously monitor air quality and air flows in different areas and adjust fan speed as necessary. Ensure ventilation is only activated in active work zones to reducing operational costs and environmental footprint. 

Products & Services for Chemical

Intelligent Gateway dadaxBox

The dadaxBox edge intelligent gateway is the reliable open platform for collecting, processing and transferring data in a variety of operating conditions.The role as an interface, it can be used for continuous data communication between cloud and edge in both directions. It also can be used as edge controller and App container. The openness of the system in supporting numerous communication protocols and programming in high languages enables customized solutions.

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IoT Platform dadaxNet

dadaxNet IoT platform is an open distributed application and services platform for building and running powerful digital solutions.
As a scalable, things-centric intelligent system, dadaxNet spans edge, on-premises, and cloud, react rapidly to insightful analytics and applications.
dadaxNet is secure by design and built with defense-in-depth across every layer, and continuously monitored, ensuring its availability, validity, and integrity.

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Industrial APP dadaxApp

Thanks to the dadaxNet is designed as a distributed application platform, and optimized for high volume, low latency, and integration-intensive data management and analytics-driven outcomes, DadaxApp is built once on dadaxNet, then can deploy anywhere.
Continuously released solution-ready application packages, which make dadaxApp developing quickly and easily.

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Machine Vision dadaxSee

dadaxSee is an imaging and analysis software for science research and industrial applications.Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI) , dadaxSee can solve complex applications that are too difficult, tedious, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems.
dadaxSee is also an open, RPA built-in and modular-designed platform that provides convenient tools and APIs for process automation and plug-in development.

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RPA Robotics dadaxBee

dadaxBee is the latest generation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robotics application platform, a deep combination of artificial intelligence and business process automation that makes it truly intelligent, automated and user friendly.
dadaxBee is open, scalable and combing varies of out-of-the-box machine cognitive tools for fast development and designed to deliver rapid ROI.

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In the future, most of today’s chemical industry players will be general-purpose production industrial foundation businesses, serving slavish multiple ecosystems. They will be trapped, just like the telco infrastructure providers that provide the basic infrastructure for today’s hyper-connected world, while other tech giants reap the biggest profits.

Based on the general-purpose production foundation, a plenitude of ecosystem businesses operate within dedicated ecosystems. Both are intertwined by a third business category of platform businesses, which are potentially decentralized, automating most of the work.

The consequence for today’s chemical companies will be that their heavy assets and their diverse conglomerates focused on economies of scale and synergies will not provide them with competitive advantages — or if they do, these will not be strategically important, as the rules of the game have changed.

Therefore, instead of investing in more heavy assets or buying more companies, reimagine slicing your conglomerate into effective operating pieces (connected both vertically and horizontally) and which roles will apply to which pieces in the future. Be open and start cooperating rather than forcing competition. The future will be information- or knowledge-driven; in this world, sharing will be key.

Road Map

Note: Outlined below is external research that was used as supporting material for upper data and statement.

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