Dadax IoT is an open IoT portfolio from device to edge to cloud, including standard gateways, IoT platform dadaxNet, and easy-to-use solution-ready application packages.

What we offer

Edge Intelligence

Dadax integrates standard edge intelligent gateways for customers to solve the communication gap between field control/sensor nodes and empower analytics at the edge.

IoT Platform

dadaxNet IoT platform is an open distributed application and services platform for building and running powerful digital solutions. 

IoT App

Thanks to the dadaxNet is designed as a distributed application platform, continuously released solution-ready application packages, which make IoT App developing quickly and easily.

Featured Solutions

Real-time Asset Tracking, Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance

Worker Safety Wearables & Health Monitoring

Energy & Utilities Monitoring

OBD Online Monitoring & Networking

Vibration & Stress Monitoring for Critical Structures

Featured Industries

Machinery & Components



Make mining more transparent, safer and environmental friendly– from the pit to the customer – with intelligent mining solutions from Dadax.


Help chemical industrial more flexible, Light-weight and productive with intelligent IoT solutions from Dadax.

Water & Utilities


Marine & Offshore


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