Tyrobook is an open and free authoring and digital publishing platform with all kinds of ready-to-use content blocks, formulas and diagrams. More than an online encyclopedia, Tyrobook is a knowledge system designed for human and machines to craft digital-native contents and knowledge systematically, especially for science, technologies, engineering, education and business etc.

What we offer


An open cloud platform for companies, individuals and contents publishers to authoring and distribute their own books online. With Tyrobook, scientists, technologists, engineers, educators and anyone writer can easily create stunning handbook, users manual, textbooks, cookbooks, picture books and reports etc.

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dadaxWP is an open, multi-purpose Web Content Management System based on WordPress.More than a theme to build beautiful websites, it’s an IoT-Application-Ready integration solution, cost effective, fast, lightweight and robust.

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With Tyrobook, What we can do

Authoring Everything

Tyrobook, is designed for Single-source Technical Communication & Smart Document.

Actually, every digital-native book can be easily authoring within Tyrobook.

Manuals Online

Create, publish and collect manuals online, user’s guides and product specifications etc. for free with standard ready-to-use ISO, DIN and GB etc. regulations content blocks and image convertor and OCR tools.

By tyrobook, the manuals are connected to things, topic and thing’s metadata will be inside of manuals.By tyrobook, documentation is alive, they can talk.

Reference Works

Create, publish and collect engineer‘s handbooks, design handbooks, dictionaries and pocket reference etc. for free with basic formulas, laws and tables for math, physics, chemistry and other SciTech domains are reusable content blocks.

By tyrobook, the reference works are keep up to date. They’re clever and dynamic which make reading easily.

Digital Textbook

For teachers, parents and education evangels, Tyrobook is also a great tool to create stunning textbooks, lesson plans and training materials etc.Sketchpad, express editor and exercise templates are well designed.

By Tyrobook, every textbook can be unique, and contexts are driven by individuals and topics.

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