Software Solutions

Dadax is a software solution provider by utilizing the cutting-edge technologies. We have deep domain expertise in different industries, we know how to choose right tools to solve problems and make better systems.


Dadax is a software innovator, and we create smart software for industries and business. We are at the forefront of innovation and engaging in delivery cost-effective products, better design for better run.

Intelligent Content

Dadax is a developer for digital-native contents authoring tools and platforming. Create and share knowledge, we also provide customers intelligent content consulting and online publishing service etc.

Integration & Turnkey

Dadax is a total-solution provider by utilizing the cutting-edge technologies always together with partners. We are engaging in delivery cost-effective turnkey system to best optimize the industries we serve, and make better systems.



Fully explore the benefits of Web technology, utilizing its power to all industry applications. Dadax is passionate about developing industrial applications and software solutions based on open technologies.


Deep diving into Artificial Intelligence, Dadax helps machine can see, read, hear, think and talk to others easily. By starting solving small problems and make simple applications, we’re making AI more and more real.


Always keep on a constant quest to learn and research STEM, which is sharpening Dadax competitiveness and making Dadax’s industry software solution more agile and robust.