Integrity and Innovation are embedded in our DNA, which must grow Dadax stronger and bigger.


Integrity is a top priority at Dadax. We are committed to a high standard of integrity. A complete refusal to use any underhanded method to help win business or gain any kind of advantage. Neither growth nor profit have any real worth unless they are won through complete honesty and probity.


To develop advanced solutions to challenging problems and build a smart world, is the main reason why we formed the company. At Dadax, Innovation is defining our the future and catalyzing growth, we will invest at least 10% of its revenue in product R&D and technological innovation every year.

Dadax Basis Values

Dadax basis values are part of what makes working at Dadax different. We seek to instill ethics and values that empower people to master their business or technology domains, build meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients, and design positive futures.

The following four shared values have been at the heart of Dadax since our formation. These values influence the way we meet client needs while respecting the regulatory requirements of each place in which we operate, and the way we promote ethically sound practices within Dadax and in our partnerships.


Openness means be frank and inclusiveness. Openness is the very opposite of pomposity and arrogance. Openness is the source of tireless pursuit of excellence.

Have a strong heart which welcomes opposing thoughts and ideas, listens and is humble. 

And willing to be educated on external issues, curious about the world. 

Continuously develops self and passionate about developing others.


Courage is about commitment, determination, responsibilities and actions. Courage is the soul of firmness in making decisions or in forcing their implementation, an acceptance periodically to challenge one’s orientations and the status quo.

Embraces ambiguity and uncertainty, is adaptive.

Encourages risk taking and learns from success/failure.

Decisive, uses knowledge, experience, network, instinct.


Enjoyment is about fulfillment and freedom. Enjoyment means feeling good about being part of the company, and independence in thought, judgment and creativity.

Realizes self-potential to work productively and fruitfully in tune with life.

Challenges bureaucracy and non value-add work, drives speed and simplicity.

Generates innovative ideas and makes it happen.


Collaboration is about team spirit, friendship and diversity. Collaboration means generosity and fairness in sharing the benefits of collective work; accepting responsibilities and an instinctive willingness to support common efforts for common goals.

Works collaboratively, respects individuals and cultures.

Connects strategy to purpose and communicates in a way that inspires.

Look forward and drives engagement and commitment.