Grow Talents & Together

Life at Dadax

We are engineers, visionaries, explorers and achievers. We draw on each other’s capacities and experiences, to inspire and motivate one another.

At Dadax, we harness scientific breadth and depth to drive innovation at the intersection of technical fields, solve problems and deliver better products and solutions to our customers.We do this with passion.


We expect you to know when and how you operate at your best. We trust you to know what time off you need, and to not leave your team members hanging in the process.

Continuous Learning

We’re on a constant quest to learn. Enroll in internal classes or external events of your choice. Our professional and personal development program is always growing. 

Holistic Health

Being healthy means something different for everyone. We advocate well-being inside and out: emotionally, physically, financially. 

Progressive Benefits

We’re proud to offer medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance – in addition to social medical insurance.