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[Shanghai, December 7, 2018] From the beginning of 2016, Dadax released the first version IoT platform dadax.net for production running, so far it has been online for 3 years, and there are over 6000 buses, trucks and heavy-duty diesel-engine-powered vehicles and equipments are connected. Everyday there are over 200 million data records received from On-board Units.

36 months

Public Running since January 2016

6,000 Terminals

OBD on vehicles connected

200M Records Everyday

received over remote network

At the same time when dadaxNet released, we started the business in Shanghai.

The dadaxNet IoT Platform is an open distributed application and services platform for building and running powerful digital solutions.

A dadaxNet customized user’s homepage

The dadaxNet IoT Platform is things-centric, embedded cyber security, ecosystem oriented, intelligent system that spans edge, on-premises, and cloud, react rapidly to insightful analytics and applications.

For three years research and development, Dadax is now a total solution provider for IoT application and turnkey system from device to edge to cloud, including edge intelligence gateway dadax.boxand IoT OS dadaxOS at edge, scalable and flexible IoT application platform dadaxNet, and easy-to-use solution-ready packages and applications dadaxApp.

To get more, please visit Dadax IoT portfolio.